CSIME is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization established in 2010 to cultivate peace by bringing people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds together. It strives to familiarize the Middle East with the West and vice versa, with the goal of promoting understanding and encouraging dialogue. CSIME aims to minimize misunderstandings and misconceptions through the following methods:

  • Dialogue: Promoting inter-religious dialogue amongst different religious communities from around the world and intra-religious dialogue amongst Muslims.
  • Education: Educating members of governmental institutions, domestically and internationally, about Islam and facilitating interdisciplinary studies in the Middle East and the United States. In addition, providing better understanding of the West especially the United States to the Middle East and other Islamic countries.
  • Activities: Providing a wide variety of programs ranging from religion and language classes, conferences and prison outreach in order to promote better understanding and tolerance of other cultures and values.