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 Dr. Iravani traveled to China, Korea and Japan. In Korea he visited Donghwasa Temple, at Daegu and was welcomed by The Great Seon Master Jinje who is the spiritual leader of Korean Buddhism, which is composed of 20,000 monks and twenty million lay people. In addition of a few hours of private discussions, Iravani spoke at the Temple for hundreds of Monks after they heard Master Jinje’s lecture. The main subject of his discussion was how religions can be seen as a source of peace rather than the source of conflict. In Japan Dr. Iravani met with Dr. Koji Yamazaki who is the head of National Prayer Breakfast of Japan. For more information about Master Jinje click here

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 Vienna, Austria Dr. Iravani attended a conference on “Extremism and Violence: Abrahamic Perspective.” This was held in Vienna, Austria and was organized by the Catholic University of America, the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and Iranian Academy of Sciences. 

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 Washington, D.C. On Monday December 2nd, Ayatollah Mojahid one of the top religious leaders of Afghanistan paid visit to the CSIME office in Washington DC and. In his meeting with the CSIME’s Preisdent Dr.iravani and CSIME’s senior top advisers Mr. David Laylin and Dr. Akhlaq, different ways of cooperation between the Center and religious communities in Afghanistan were discussed. Ayatollah Mojahid then met with Professors Destro and Breger at the Law School at Catholic University. From the left: Laylin, Ayatollah, Iravani, Hosseini, Prof. Breger, Iravani, Ayatollah, Prof. Destro, Akhlaq, Laylin.

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 Keller, Texas Dr. Iravani spoke at the Global Faith Forum, which was organized by the Northwood Church of Texas. Please watch Ayatollah Ahmad Iravani Speaks 11:00 Service 11-17-13 and This for more information please see the following website: Globalfaithforum Dr. Rashad Hussein, U.S. Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Poster Dr. Bob Roberts interviewing Ayatollah Iravani.

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 On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, core Sacramento business and community leaders met at a Pacifteen event, hosted by Mr. Moe Mohanna (President of the CSIME West Coast), at his Temple Grand Ballroom to engage in dialogue with Mayor Kevin Johnson regarding the continued effort to build better relationships with Sacramento’s political leaders and policy makers. In the discussion Mayor Johnson and Pro Tem Senator Darrel Steinberg acknowledged the importance of fostering a better relationship between Iran and the U.S; a relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding. Outside of Iran, California holds one of the greatest populations of Iranians, and currently no city in the U.S. has a close relationship with an Iranian city. Business and Community leaders in Sacramento realize the importance of establishing a sister-city relationship between Tehran, the capital of Iran, and Sacramento, the capital of California. Through a sister-city affiliation, the two cities will develop greater mutual respect, understanding and cooperation, while encouraging deeper friendship ties between individuals and local organizations. Despite the political sensitivity and heightened tension between the U.S. and Iran, the alliance brought about through a sister city relationship will transcend all difference for the ultimate goal of building dialogue, cooperation, and peace.

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 Continuing Mr. Laylin’s efforts to improve natural resource conservation and management activities in Iran, though the Persian Wildlife Foundation and National Academy of Sciences – and with the assistance of CSIME – David spent the month of November travelling around Iran and meeting with a number of Government, Academic and NGO officials. (During the past year, he has spent three months travelling to and inside Iran. To see the full report Please click here Game wardens (Mohitbans) in Hezar Masjed wildlife Protected Area, North Khorrasan- David and Dr. Najafi ( Head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization) 

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 Ayatollah Iravani lectured for the last two weeks of the holy month of Ramdhan at the Islamic Center of Northern California in Oakland, California where tens of people attended. He also led the Eid prayer and delivered two sermons (Khotbah) both in English and Persian. For more information in Persian please Clickگزارش اختصاصی همشهری آنلاین؛ مراسم عيد فطر در مركز اسلامي   

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 Week of Tolerance in Kosovo On May 24th, the Kosovo Week of Tolerance and Reconciliation launched the opening of the Interfaith Conference in Peja. Brought together representatives of key religions in the region, and the international interfaith community, this was the largest such event to take place in Kosovo and the region. Whilst this conference examined the centrality of religion to Kosovo’s past, present and future – it also confronted debate on the future of interfaith dialogue. Over 160 faith leaders, community leaders and experts from 42 countries discussed reconciliation and how faith can be a unifying force, both regionally and globally. Dr. Iravani is invited not only for this conference but for the whole week of tolerance. The conference was organized in partnership with the Soul of Europe and the Balkan Institute and supported by the British and Norwegian Embassies, the British Council and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. During his visit (May 20th through May 27th), he had opportunity: A- to meet with many political as well as religious leaders including but not limited to HE President of Republic of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo Minister of Health Dr. Ferid Agani, deputy foreign minister of Kosovo Mr. Selimi, Kosovo Grand Mufti Naim Tërnava and a few members of parliament. During the meetings, the attendees discussed the horizons of future cooperation between the CSIME and the religious and academic institutions of Kosovo in order to introduce a moderate kind of Islam which is based on tolerance and rationality. He offered CSIM’s humble facilities in Washington DC in this regard. B- He took part in10th Anniversary of South East European Gathering – Breakfast Prayer Ceremony which was held in Pristina. C- Dr. Iravani also participated in The Stone for Peace Ceremony. For more information please visit: the week of tolerance HE President of Republic of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga Right to left: Lord Hylton, member of the House of Lords, Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili, primate of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia and The Reverend Donald Reeves, Founder of the Soul of Europe The World Leader of the Bektashi Order, Haji Baba Edmond Brahimaj HE Deputy foreign minister of Kosovo Mr. Selimi (left) and Prof. Bregre (Catholic University of America) Archbishop Malkhaz Songulashvili, primate of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia Bishop of Raška and Prizren Teodosije (Šibalić)

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 Interfaith Summit On June 11th, 2013 Mr. Mohammad  Mohanna, President of the CSIME (West Coast), in partnership with the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento hosted an Interfaith Summit at his Capitol Plaza Building, featuring Keynote speaker Reverend James Trapp. This summit gathering allowed for key business members, faith organizers, and community leaders of diverse backgrounds of Sacramento, to break bread and participate in collaborative efforts to promote interfaith dialogue and relationships.   In order to get a Persian version of the West Office activites, please click here .

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 Mr. David Laylin, a senior adviser to CSIME, visited Iran over a period of five weeks (April and May). The main reasons for his trip are to assist in expanding information exchange programs between Iran and the US and to work with appropriate Iranian NGOs and officials to improve conservation and management of natural resources. He has met with the Deputy Director of Mohit Zist, the Director of UNDP, a senior cleric, the Deputy Director of the Iranian Academy of Sciences, the representative of a large multi-national corporation, various NGOs and senior hydrologists. He has also been able to visit many interesting historical sites in Northern and Southern Khorasan provinces and had the good fortune of praying at the Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Meshed and of holding a conversation with Sheikh Basiri of the Gonabadi Sufi order. Mr. Laylin visited Zabol, to inspect the Hamoun Lakes and irrigation facilities of the Helmand River. Subsequently, he had a number of semi-official meetings in Tehran, before returning to the USA. 

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 Mohammad Mohanna hosted a luncheon with clergy from various faiths and religious backgrounds at his facilities in the Loaves and Fishes campus in Sacramento, California on November 7, 2013. Jon Fish, President of the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento and Allen Warren, Sacramento City Council member, were the guest speakers at the event and offered their support for a solution to homelessness. The luncheon brought the faith community together to lobby with political leaders to approve an overnight emergency shelter for homeless women and children at the Loaves and Fishes campus. The interfaith leaders and clergy sat together with the homeless guests to discuss potential solutions and bring about a call to action for the rest of the faith community.